I was going to delete this because I didn't want to keep up with it, but I'll just post stuff whenever I have something cool and not just to post something,. This peice was a drawing I colored in marker then I did it up on photoshop. It is just this guy who is just gonna eat this fruit I was just drawing and I thought it would look cool. and I just did a peice for kid in my school who who doing a gallery. He didn't get the pitchers becuase I geuss he got in a fight with the guys there. If I do get it ill post it up, It's a drawing with markers and its a big cluster of monsters on no real ground but just overlapping each other. It's mad abstract and purple and pink, en joy.



dude! you finally updated your blog.


Anonymous said...

wow u drew that i can only draw good with color if im on my drawing tablet bravo i have to say ur a good artist drawer whatever all i have t say is ur good and i like to know if u wanna chat sometime

Anonymous said...

You could run for Governor as per with other cartoonists like C.H., Dru et al. You do stupendously good work.